Electro Junkie : Twitch Overlay Package


  • Modular Design (use as much or as little as you like)
  • 3 x Preset Layouts
  • Animated Stream Starting/Ending/BRB screens
  • Animated Alert Graphics (for Muxy and Streamlabs)
  • Animated Electric Webcam Strip (large and small)
  • Static Intermission and Offline Screens
  • Highest & Latest Tip + New Follower / Subscriber text
  • Profile Panels
  • Icons for Social Media and Spec Info
  • All final files supplied in Webm/MP4 (animated) and JPG/PNG (static). No Photoshop files supplied (or needed!)


Add some electric energy to your stream overlay with Electro Junkie Stream Package. This package includes layout presets and modular elements so you can go all out, or show off just a little.

Watch the DEMO below!

Alerts come with a quick setup link for Streamlabs users