All the Twitch overlays from this site can only get you so far. Whether you’re just starting out your stream, or a seasoned veteran there may be a few useful Twitch resources in the below list:

Donation Services

  • Muxy My all-time favourite Twitch resource is Muxy stream alerts service. Easy to use for beginners with lots of customisation for the more experienced.
  • Streamlabs A multi-purpose site which can also accept donations. One of the most popular choices among streamers.
  • Patreon A site where you can support individuals and create custom tiers of monthly payments. Really useful if you have a loyal following who are happy to help you out on a regular basis. One of the game-changing Twitch resources for turning your streaming hobby into an income.

Programs to Stream with (or record)

  • OBS Arguably the most common streaming software on Twitch. It has many features built in as well as the option to expand with plugins. This is my personal favourite and design most of my Twitch overlays to work perfectly with this.
  • X-Split This options is probably the second-runner in terms of popularity. It’s a more ‘premium’ service in that you can pay for it. The benefit of this is customer support is available if you have issues.

Twitch Trackers (services for showing followers/donations)

  • Muxy My favourite stream alerts service. Easy to use for beginners with lots of customization for the more experiences.
  • Streamlabs A multi-purpose site which can also accept donations. One of the most popular choices among Twitch streamers.
  • NightDev-Followers One of Nightdevs many services built for simple to configure Twitch notification pop-ups.
  • SocialBlade See how you compete with the rest of Twitch. You must enter your Twitch URL to let the site know to crawl it for future statistics.
  • R1CH’s Analyser A useful tool for analyzing the quality and stability of your stream.

Twitch Bots

  • Nightbot One of the most common bots. A great moderation bot with a web dashboard for convenience.
  • Moobot Similar to Nightbot with a few design and feature changes. Some extra things are accessible with points that can be paid for.
  • Deepbot A desktop bound bot rich in features. This one will set you back $5 a month but it’s definitely worth it.
  • Ankhbot This bot is desktop bound and quite similar to Deepbot.

Broswer Extensions

  • BetterTwitchTV One of the best add-ons for Twitch in my opinion. As the same suggests, it makes Twitch a bit better.
  • TwitchNow A useful tool to view your current followed live streamers as well as info about them. (Chrome)


  • VirtualAudioCables Useful for segregating audio streams. Example: you can listen to music or talk in a mic without it being in your stream if you so choose. Free and paid versions available.
  • AutoDuck Allows real time ducking of audio from another audio source. example: when you talk in a mic it can fade out your music and game volume. It costs money, but pretty useful if you want to make your broadcast sound like a pro!


  • TwitchWantsGames A site for an interface between game developers and twitch streamers. Attempting to create a more refined process of contacting PR agents to try and get your hands on game keys.
  • Video Games Pay My Bills This is a comprehensive resource of ways to turn your passion into an income. Free content as well as paid premium content. Well worth checking out.

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